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!!! IMPORTANT !!! EnergyU Update !!!
EnergyU will be offline April 26-27, 2017

Learn More about the LMS Upgrade to version 9, request an updated Admin Quick Tips Reference Card set, and sign up for one of two upgrade webinars.


Mozilla Firefox discontinues support for Silverlight

Administrators wishing to continue using Firefox to launch EnergyU Administrator will need to download Mozilla's Extended Support Release (ESR). Although Microsoft Silverlight is being phased out, it is currently still required to launch the EnergyU Administrator portal. Review the ESR Overview.


OSHA Penalty Adjustments to Take Effect August 1, 2016
OSHA's maximum penalties will increase by 78 percent beginning August 1. Learn more.


Changes to MEA OQ Connect Program Began June 1, 2016
If you were unable to attend one of the two webinars, view the recording and download the FAQ.


Pipeline Advisory Committees to Vote
PHMSA announced meetings with its Pipeline Advistory Committees June 1-3, 2016 to consider and vote on proposed rulemakings. Click HERE to learn more.


Content Creator Authoring Program Update
A new version of Content Creator, the free EnergyU authoring tool, will be available April 7, 2016. Authors will not need to publish courses or uninstall the existing version in order to install the update - the build 45 update simply installs on top of the existing version. The update will be required in order to continue authoring courses for EnergyU.


Seven courses scheduled for maintenance March 29
Visit the blog for the list of seven courses that will be deactivated for maintenance on March 29, 2016 at 9pm CST.


ASME Library Update Complete
For TNG courses, users should ensure a status of Not Started prior to launching. If required, contact your administrator to request a reset.


MEA offices are moving Nov 11-13, 2015
This move will not affect the EnergyU website, but brief interruptions of telephone, Internet and email will limit availability of the EnergyU support staff during this time. Thank you for your patience during this transition!


192 Library Update Complete
For TNG courses, users should ensure a status of Not Started prior to launching. If required, contact your administrator to request a reset.


! IMPORTANT ! 192 Library Update
After a complete test question review and update, the entire 192 course library will be republished on October 31, 2015. All 192 courses will be deactivated at 4:30 pm CST on Friday, October 30. The updated library will be available on Sunday, November 1, 2015. All other course libaries will remain accessible during this time.


Breaking News: 49 CFR 192.305 Rule Delay
On March 11, 2015, PHMSA published a final rule amending the pipeline safety regulations to make miscellaneous changes that updated and clarified certain regulatory requirements, and included changes related to construction inspection. A PHMSA document published on 9/30/2015 responds to petitions for reconsideration of the final rule, and delays the effective date of the amendment to 49 CFR 192.305 indefinitely. Download PDF


EZval Official Release
EZval is now available using your SecureDrawer login. Beta testers should make sure to download the latest version. EZval, MEA's Electronic Performance Evaluation System, comes preloaded with 192, 195 and ASME library evaluations forms. Visit the blog to learn more.


PHMSA NPRM comment period
PHMSA has published a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM); the comment period ends September 8, 2015. MEA's Technical Training Committee will be meeting August 11, 2015 to document and submit comments. Please review the PHMSA document and provide comments to Richard Stump. The public may also submit comments directly to regulations.gov.


Evaluator Online Refresher Course
The online Train the Evaluator refresher course will be available to all EnergyU companies on Monday, June 22, 2015. EnergyU administrators may assign the course to evaluators as required. Refer to the EnergyU Training blog for additional information.


OSHA issues confined space rule for construction workers
Review the news release and download the final rule.


New Content Creator download available
Version Content Creator is now available. CC Authors can download the latest version from the edit site. You do not need to uninstall your current version.


Google Chrome update issues for Administrators
The recent Google Chrome browser update (version 42) blocks Java and Microsoft Silverlight, which are required to run EnergyU Administrator. Visit the blog post for a link to instructions for overriding the blocking of plug-ins in Chrome. Make sure to follow the blog to receive important updates directly in your inbox.


Updated EnergyU User Guide
A new EnergyU User Guide is now available.


Requesting ISN Transfers
The preferred method for requesting a transfer of online TNG and KNT records to ISNetworld® is to use the Pay Center link above. When calling MEA to request a transfer, please make sure to have your credit card information handy – MEA does not keep credit card information on file. A transfer request for PEFs is automatically generated when the PEF documents are uploaded to SecureDrawer. There is no cost for SecureDrawer transfers.


Administrator Training Links
Administrator training documents, videos and webinars are accessible from the EnergyU Administrators page.


!IMPORTANT! Changes in Browser Support
Changes are coming to supported browser and operating system requirements for EnergyU. Review the document to ensure you are prepared for these changes.


Attention Content Creator Authors
A new version of Content Creator is now available. Visit the blog for additional information.


OQ Guidance Available
Good guidance information can be found in the recently published OQ Enforcement Guidance document accessible via the PHMSA Electronic Reading Room. The document describes the practices used by PHMSA pipeline safety investigators and other enforcement personnel in undertaking their compliance, inspection, and enforcement activities.


Attention EnergyU Authors
Join us in Rochester, MN on August 12, 2014 and learn more about Authoring for EnergyU. This three-hour session is offered free with your paid registration to the Technical Training Conference. MEA members make sure to login to receive member pricing.


PEFs - New Forms Available
If you need access to MEA's online document management system (SecureDrawer) to download the new performance evaluation forms, please contact EnergyU Technical Support (651-289-9600 x106). Performance evaluations must be conducted using the new forms; MEA will not accept legacy forms after June 1, 2014.


Ad Hoc Report Filtering
CERCplus users should now have access to new Shared Reports that allow you to change the date range filter. Instructions for using the new Ad Hoc reports can be downloaded from the blog.


Free online courses from FEMA
The Independent Study Program (ISP) accessible via the FEMA Emergency Management Institute (EMI) website offers a variety of online courses free to those who qualify for enrollment. Many of the ISP courses offer continuing education units (CEUs). The Critical Infrastructure Security Awareness Series offers a new online course: Protecting Critcal Infrastructure Against Insider Threats.


CGA 2012 DIRT Report
Download the 2012 DIRT Report from the Common Ground Alliance. The report provides a wealth of information on utility damage data, damage prevention campaign effectiveness, equipment highlights, statistics and trends, etc.


New Courses Released for 192 Library
MEA is in the process of updating and enhancing the 192 course library. Visit the blog to learn more about the 24 new courses available to 192 course library subscribers.


New Courses Added to Liquids Library
Five new 195 course titles now available. These courses are approved for those doing work for Enbridge. Contact EnergyU Support to have these courses added to your course selection. Click HERE to view the course titles.


Enbridge OQ Plan Critical Change
Enbridge OQ Plan now includes MEA General 195 AOC Module (MEA1484). View change letter.


OS-0102 Hazard Communication Course
A new version release of the OS-0102 Hazard Communication course is now available. The updated content reflects the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals training requirement. Visit the blog to learn more.


UGE-0200 Customer Contact Course
A new version release of the UGE-0200 Customer Contact course is now available. Visit the blog to learn more.


ISN Transfer Tips...
ISN reports pull certificate completion data. A user must be enrolled in the certificate program in order for the completion data to appear in the ISN report. After completing a certification it may take up to two hours for the database to update and display the completion data. Download the ISN Transfer Tips document for more information.


ATTN CERCplus and OQplus Users
EnergyU has lots of new reporting features and the ability to design custom reports. We have generated a new .dll for CERCplus and OQplus users to accommodate importing the new files directly into the recordkeeping program. Contact Larissa Presho to obtain the .dll.


ISN Transfer Database
The database used for ISN reporting updates every two hours. To ensure a successful ISN data transfer, please wait two hours after completing a course or manually entering a performance evaluation to request the transfer. You can verify the database is updated by running the Certification Reports > View Program report.


EnergyU Upgrade - System Requirements...
Make sure to check your hardware and software - download the Upgrade Requirements document.


EnergyU User Guide...
Click HERE to download the EnergyU User Guide.


EnergyU Training Blog...
Sign up for the blog to have the latest training tips and tricks delivered directly to you inbox.