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You need simple, easy-to-use Operator Qualification tools that meet OQ plan requirements and keeps your team productive. MEA OQ Connect is an integrated approach to helping you do this.

Connect your specific OQ needs with the right OQ solution. MEA OQ Connect uses industry-leading standards of practice (SOP) for training, testing, and field evaluations that ensure compliance. Whether you are looking for a total OQ Connect solution or an a la carte approach, MEA can meet your specific needs.

MEA OQ Connect


The OQ rule, addressed in Title 49 of the Code of Federal regulations, mandates that individuals who perform covered tasks on pipeline facilities be qualified. The intent of the OQ rule is to ensure protection of both pipeline personnel and the public. Providing individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills is an essential element of any company OQ plan. Acceptable requirements for qualification are determined by the operator. The quality and validity of data related to OQ training, testing, and performance is critical. Simple and effective, MEA OQ Connect addresses the following areas of importance:

  • Training
  • Knowledge Testing
  • Performance Evaluations
  • Recordkeeping
  • Record Sharing
  • Record Checking


MEA online training materials track directly with Title 49, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 192/195 covered tasks, and tasks published by the ASME B31Q Pipeline Personnel Qualification Standard. Course titles identify the library and task. A certificate is automatically granted when a course is passed. Online courses may also be used in the classroom as part of a blended approach.

Knowledge Testing

Using MEA OQ Connect, testing is done via the EnergyU online learning portal. Course titles identify the library and task. Test banks provide question randomization, and certificates are automatically granted once test is passed. This "green" method of testing saves both time and trees.

Performance Evaluations

Choose paper (print fillable PDFs) or electronic forms when conducting performance evaluations. Paper requires successful completion to be manually entered in the EnergyU LMS. EZval electronic evaluations save properly titled PDF documents and passed/failed logs for easy entry into EnergyU. CERCmobile electronic forms import directly into CERCplus.

MEA Qualified Evaluator requirements:

  • Candidates must have a minimum of three years industry experience or formal training.
  • Candidates must participate in an MEA Train the Evaluator one-day classroom session.
  • Candidates must submit a resume with their historical industry background, and must provide a minimum of three references who can substantiate industry experience.
  • Candidates must complete EnergyU TNG and KNT courses for all tasks they wish to evaluate.
  • Approved Evaluators will be required to take an MEA Evaluator Refresher Course every 36 months in order to maintain their approved status.
    Note: Evaluators may choose between classroom or online refresher training.


The EnergyU LMS maintains history for all online training and knowledge tests accessed via EnergyU; data includes dates, sessions, scores, pass/fail, etc. CERCplus provides for flexible initial and subsequent qualification requirements. Manage records according to specific OQ requirements. Export capabilities integrate with other systems. Run customizable management reports.

Record Sharing

Share between CERCplus users, Operators-Contractors, ISN, eCONFIRM, Company ERP system, etc. Preformatted data reports and standard data outputs (csv, Excel, pdf, mdb).

MEA will only transfer online records that can be confirmed in the EnergyU LMS, or performance records that are documented on an approved form. Review the ISN Tips document for information on transferring records to ISNetworld®.

Record Checking

Field checking of records using QR code access to eCONFIRM. Immediate confirmation of qualifications and other records available at all times. Include photo and other pertinent data.


MEA OQ Connect


MEA is an association committed to making energy delivery safer and more efficient. Members and non-members alike benefit from MEA OQ Connect.

I just have to complement MEA’s people. The customer service is the best I have ever received and that is important. When we need something MEA gets it done.
— John Goetz, director of operator qualification & compliance, Meade.

We are committed to providing the best value for our members. The following types of companies are eligible for membership:

Distribution Company -
Electric & Gas Utilities
Any organization engaged in sales or distribution to the public end-user of natural gas, liquefied petroleum, or electricity.

Transmission Company:
Any organization engaged in transporting gas or electricity for ultimate local distribution or direct industrial use.

Associate Contractor:
Exclusive to utility contracting companies.

As a not-for-profit, we are a committee-driven organization. Changes to MEA’s OQ program are intended to ensure that MEA materials remain an auditable and credible component of our members' operator qualification solutions.

For more information contact Chad Shannon 651-289-9600 x112).




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